Window Glass Art Tips And Ideas

Window Glass Art

Meta- Make use of the window glass art ideas and make your home look better.

Do you want to make your home look unconventional? Then it would help if you tried window glass art that will bring a touch of elegance to your decor. Painted Windows can indeed be expensive, but how about making it back at home? Even if you are a beginner, you shall have no problem creating the perfect Window glass art if you follow some tips and techniques. The final result will be beautiful to look at, and you can be as creative with the designs as you want. Why wait when you can start right away?

Clean the surface-Window Glass Art

Whenever you are painting on glass, you have to make sure that the surface is clean. There should be no dust or dirt; otherwise, the paint will catch it. If there is any oil on the surface, then also you can have a lot of trouble in painting it properly. Therefore it is essential to wash the entire glass piece with soap and water, and you have to dry it before you start with the painting process.

Use Water-based Paint

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If you are at the intermediate or expert level, you can ignore this tip. But as a beginner, you should always use water-based paint. That is because it becomes easier to erase if you make any mistake. Once you are already comfortable with the idea of glass painting, you can shift to solvent-based Paints because they are long-lasting. Be generous with the glass liner and make it thick. Note that the Black Glass liner will be the border line, which will hold the paint. Otherwise, the color will spill outside the wanted areas, and you will have a messy finish.

Using The Brush-Window Glass Art

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Instead of using the painting bottles to spread the colors, use a fine brush. It will help in the even distribution of the paint, and you can get a satisfactory result. The more you spread it out, the easier it will be to dry up? It will not seep or smudge, thus making the painting perfect. If you want to reapply the coat because the color seems very light, do it after the first coating is completely dry. Otherwise, there will be some unwanted textures and patterns, and you can also find some air bubbles.

Do Not Tilt The Glass

Try to keep the glass on a plane surface and not any inclined platform. Water-based and solvent-based colors will drip off, and there will no longer be any perfect outline. Put it under a fan instead of air drying it and keep the glass away from heat. Otherwise, it might crack, and your entire work will go to waste. You can use the same tips and techniques to paint some wine glasses as well as fish bowls. The more you practice, the better you will become in Window glass art.


It is going to be a fun activity to indulge in glass painting and also complete your first Window glass art. So why will you wait when you can start right away?

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