Why Is Fenton Art Glass So Popular

fenton art glass

The Fenton Art Glass Company was established in 1905 by brothers Frank L. Fenton, Sr. and John W. Fenton, Jr. The business name was changed to Fenton Glass & Wine to distinguish it from other glass companies. The company was a very successful one and continued to grow for many years.

Today there are several gift shops in the Seattle area that sell all kinds of fenton art glass. Many of these shops specialize in replicas of traditional glass making methods. These gift shops can also help you learn about the different types of fenton art glass. There is even a gift shop that specializes in custom designed pieces.

Shape, Color, Size, And Style Imaginable

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One of the things you will find when shopping at the gift shop is a wide variety of glassware in every type of shape, color, size, and style imaginable. You will have the pleasure of choosing bowls, dishes, coasters, and dinnerware in unique colors such as red, green, blue, black, white, ivory, and cream. The bowls can be cut in practically any shape, from a circle, square, heart, and rectangular to various animal shapes like cats, dogs, bunnies, and even frogs. You can even have the bowls personalized with names or initials. There are bowls with scenic scenes such as rolling waves on a beach, waterfalls, and more. Some of the dishes can be used for serving food and beverages as well.

Other items you will find at the Fenton Art Glass factory are workbenches, plaques, and awards. These items come in all sorts of styles, sizes, and colors. The store sells everything you need to create beautiful glassware, including bowls, chimes, fish bowls, wine glasses, and candle holders. There are also a number of award styles to choose from if you are interested in adding awards to your collection. There are solid wood plaques, acrylic pieces, crystal gifts, and much more. The staff can help you select the right glassware to display at any event you attend.

You Can Also Have It Personalized

If you purchase fenton glassware at the Fenton Art Glass factory, you can also have it personalized. If you would like your name or initials added into the glassware, they can do that for you. You can have the initials or name of a special occasion displayed. For example, you could have an oval put in place for a school celebration or wedding. The oval can be made with the school colors or it can be made to display your pet in a special way. There are a number of different styles, you could select from when making your special event oval mark.

Fenton glassware is also available in other shapes and sizes, which make it easy to match the glasses to the event. You can find them in a variety of colors, including black and clear glass with various types of decorations incorporated in the design. If you are looking for a different color, you will be happy to know that you can always find Fenton glassware in other colors besides the traditional clear and black. They offer colors like blue, green, gold, champagne, pink, white, and many others.

Unique And Different From Most Glass Manufacturers

Many people like Fenton glass, since the glass looks so unique and different from most glass manufacturers. This is why Fenton glass manufacturers are able to sell a wide variety of different items. No matter what type of event you are attending, they have the perfect item to fit the occasion.

Most of the Fenton glass companies also have other products you may want to use for your decorating needs. This means you can get Fenton pattern glass and more from one place, instead of going from one store to another trying to find the same items.


Fenton art glass is always a good buy and will always be worth the price. In fact, its unique look and appeal have made it very popular with collectors all over the world. There are many pieces available on the market that are similar, but none compare to the value of Fenton hobnail glass. While it’s true that other types of glassware will likely give you a higher return for your investment, nothing compares to the unique beauty and quality of Fenton hobnail glass.

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