What You Can Do With Shot Glasses

shot glass decoration ideas

Are you looking for some new shot glass decoration ideas? The fact is, shot glasses have become popular not only for their usefulness (they’re simple to carry and easier to maintain) but also because they are a classic and elegant item that adds grace and style to any home. So what kinds of shot glasses would be great to use as decorations? There are a few different types to choose from, so it’s good to get started looking now.

An Overview

Old fashioned shot glasses are a great way to add character to a party. You can find many different sizes and shapes, so you should have no problem finding one that fits your theme perfectly. Old fashioned glasses can even be made to look like antique pieces with careful attention to details such as lettering. Just remember that when you buy these, they need to be strong and durable.

Many people don’t realize how much difference color makes when it comes to choosing a shot glass. Red is perhaps the most popular color used for decoration purposes. However, there are also lots of other colors to choose from as well, such as green, blue, yellow, purple and more. Decorating with multiple colors is an especially good idea. This way, you can give your room a splash of colors without having to resort to replacing your shot glasses!

Why Not Create a Shot Glass Wall

A glass mug on a table

There are lots of DIY ideas floating around the internet that show you how to make a shot glass wall. It’s a fun project to do and one that makes a beautiful focal point in any room. Just make sure that your wall is sturdy and doesn’t have too many holes or tears in it. Otherwise, your wall won’t be very effective!

If you’re decorating a nursery or child’s room, then a shot glass wall is ideal. Your child will have a blast trying to get their hands on all of their favorite shot glasses, and you’ll have a nice, sturdy wall to display them on. Some people even place small pieces of fruit or candy on the walls in order to add even more visual interest! The only limits to this sort of decoration are your imagination and budget!

Wide Possibilities For Decoration

If you want to decorate with more traditional shot glasses, then the sky is literally the limit. You can easily go out to your local flea market and pick up some vintage glassware for next to nothing. Then, simply put it all back into shot glasses or beer mugs (you can use Styrofoam for this too!) and place them where you want. You can also purchase shot glasses that already have their name on them or ones that say something about the brand. There are tons of fun and unique ideas out there for every occasion!

If you don’t know where to start, then you might want to consider the internet. There are so many websites that sell these items that you can never really know which sites will be able to help you save the most money. In fact, this is probably one of the best places to go if you want some fantastic ideas for gifts or for new decorating ideas. Take a look at what the different online vendors have to offer, and check out what you think would look the best on your home, office or other space. You can even use these sites to see if there are any rebates available. Many companies will reward you for being a loyal customer by giving you discounts or free products.


If you already have some shot glasses that you’re no longer using, then you can always recycle them into a great new project. You could make new frosted shot glasses for a party or holiday or turn them into fun mugs for a friend or family member. You can even recycle the old shot glasses you currently own and turn them into beautiful coffee table items for your home. No matter what you end up making, you can always enjoy the wide range of possibilities that this craft offers. With so many different websites offering shot glass decoration ideas as well as lots of glass stores carrying all sorts of different types of shot glasses, you will be sure to find the perfect item for your needs.

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