What Can I Expect When I Start A Glass Business In Dallas

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The reason she started this was to be able to quit her full time job so she could concentrate more on her art. Her desire was to turn it into a full time vocation and she is very happy with the results.

Dallas glass art has become her career and she loves it. She has designs that she made while at school and has worked with a number of companies that have sent her to shows nationwide. She loves to make something unique for each client that comes through her studio. Dallas has been a wonderful location to pursue her passion so far.

Spend Time Shopping

You may be wondering what she does when she is not making art. She likes to spend time shopping, going to movie theatres, and she even loves going to dinner with friends and having good conversations with them. Her studio is located in an area that has walking trails and she can get to work as soon as people walk by her studio. She really loves being outside so she spends most of her free time inside her private lessons and studio.

Dallas is a wonderful place for a glass blowing studio because it is a competitive city with other artists that are looking for work. It is also a fun place to live because there is a lot of things to do. It is very exciting to move to this beautiful city and find a place to call your own. You need to invest some time into your new studio to get it established properly so you can start to make a name for yourself.

Whether Or Not You Want To Take Art Classes

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One thing that you will need to consider is whether or not you want to take art classes at the local community college or you would rather teach yourself. This is definitely a huge consideration because you will learn much more at the community college but it can take a long time to complete the program. Plus you may not always find your teacher in the class, so you may have to go pick him or her up. It is definitely much fun to teach yourself but you will not have the opportunity to take as many fun art classes at the community college so you might have to make do with online courses instead.

If you do decide to teach yourself in the beginning, it will definitely be much more fun to do than to sit in a classroom and listen to someone lecture for hours on end. You will definitely enjoy taking your course in the comfort of your own studio. There are also a lot of books available for glassblowing that you can read and learn from. You will definitely be able to pick up a few techniques and ideas in the process.

Set Some Goals For Yourself

The next thing that you need to know about working at a Dallas art studio is that you are going to have to set some goals for yourself. Do you want to learn more about glass blowing or are you simply looking to work on a specific project?

You will have to set some short term goals as well as long term goals for yourself. Set some smaller goals along the way so that when you do achieve them you will be excited to continue learning and improving yourself.


It is certainly possible to earn a living by becoming an artist at home. Dallas has been known as one of the creative centers in the United States for years now and there is no reason why you shouldn’t make a living doing something that you love. Starting a glass art business in Dallas is something that can really give you personal freedom as well as financial security. Plus you get to be surrounded by other creative people who love to create as much as you do. You can’t go wrong by taking a course at a fine art or glass school in Dallas.

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