Tips for Enjoying Your Glass Enamel Sculptures

glass enamel sculptures

Glass enamel sculptures have been around for thousands of years and were used to create statues and reliefs by the ancient cultures. However, they only became popular in the nineteenth century with the introduction of new glass techniques that could cut costs and increase the quality of sculptures that were made. These new techniques allowed the sculptor to create more detailed sculptures that could replicate the colours of nature and create realistic imagery on the glass. The new techniques did not affect the value or beauty of the glass itself but only the colour combination that was used to create the piece.

The popularity of glass enamel sculptures has increased in recent years and many different artists have tried to create their own versions. Some of these artists have created stunning glass enamel sculptures that are highly realistic. Others still cannot seem to make anything look real with a glass piece. One artist has even been accused of faking his work due to the fact that some of his glass enamel sculptures didn’t match the rest of his pieces. The real trick is to look for what is being depicted and try to find a style that fits the piece. For instance, a football-shaped piece of glass might not look as great next to a lion or a jaguar, but if it’s a football-shaped piece of glass, it will most likely be judged to be more accurate than a piece that does not have any type of image on it.

Glass Enamel Sculptures

Colour is very important when choosing glass sculptures because the artist must know what the intended use of the glass is. If the piece is to be used in the home for a decorative piece, the colour needs to complement the rest of the room and also be something that can stand up to wear and tear from normal use. A great example of this is a tabletop sculpture. While a tabletop sculpture would look amazing on a table, it may not hold up as well in other areas such as a bathroom or out in the field.

Another thing to consider is texture. The texture is an aspect of the colour that many don’t think about until they see their first glass sculptures. There are a few different types of glass that glass artists can work with such as etched glass, blown glass and sculpted glass. Etched glass is glass that has had colour sprayed onto it, blown glass is glass that has been blown by a balloon and sculpted glass is glass that has been cast in a mould. Different types of colour and textures will react differently to being worked with, so it’s important to understand how each piece should be evaluated before making a purchase. There are plenty of magazines, books and websites that can help with texture evaluation.

A Much Ado

A clock tower sitting under a window in a dark room

Once the artist has the basic colour and texture selected for the piece, he needs to add a secondary colour to enhance the piece. This comes in the form of enamel or sealant that is used to fill in the cracks of the glass. Many times the colour of the glass is enhanced by using enamel to fill in the imperfections. When purchasing a sculpture made of coloured glass, make sure that the glass is clear so that the final colour of the enamel or the sealant can be seen.

Lighting is another important aspect of glass art that is often overlooked. The light has a tremendous impact on how the glass reflects or colours the light. Different pieces will have different lighting effects, so it’s important to understand this when considering the type of lighting your piece requires. Make sure you learn what the lighting requirements are for the glass piece you’re considering. You can often find this information online as well.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning and maintaining glass enamel sculptures is relatively easy. You will usually clean the glass by using water and a soft sponge. You will also need a soft cloth to gently wipe the glass clean without scratching or warping the surface. If there are any discolourations, these can easily be cleaned using ammonia or lemon juice.

There are many different ways you can enjoy glass sculptures, as each style is unique. There are glass enamel sculptures of animals, people, flowers, etc. You can create virtually any type of sculpture on the glass. It’s fun, challenging, and beautiful. Enjoy!

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