Three Different Ways of Making Glass Sculptures

making glass sculptures

The art of glass sculptures is very exhilarating. The whole process of Making Glass Sculpture mesmerizes people a lot. The art of Making Glass Sculpture dates back to a century or even more. It was started almost a thousand years back. Ancient Egypt is one of the places where Making Glass Sculpture was prevalent. The glass art of today uses a lot of techniques that were used by people back then. However, with the advancement in technology, the art of Making Glass Sculpture has advanced a bit now and new ways have been introduced. Even though the double-faced nature of glass makes it not so easy to protect it from breaking. Glass is not only beautiful but also extremely fragile. If you are the owner of a glass sculpture, then even you know that it needs repair from time to time because of its fragile nature. But everything kept aside, we cannot ignore the fact that Making Glass Sculptures is a beautiful art. Watching the glass melting, changing shapes, and colors is an extremely satisfying sight.

Few ways of Making Glass Sculpture

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Hot Glass

The art sculptures made by the technique of hot glass are inclusive of blown glass, cast glass and solid sculpted glass. This technique involves molten glass that has a temperature of around 2000 degrees. This extremely hot glass can be further used in sculpting, glass blowing and, casting the glass into molds. All things like glass sculptures, vases, hand-blown glasses, ornaments, and goblets are made usually with hot glass using a furnace. The process of casting glass is done by melting a hot glass into a mold.

Warm Glass

This process is the one where the glass is heated in either an oven or a kiln. The most common terms used for the sculptures made by using the technique of kiln are slumped glass, kiln glass, fused glass, kiln cast glass, glass bending, pate de Verre, and bent glass.

Slumping: This technique involves the heating of a plate or sheet of glass to a 1250 degree- 1400 degree temperature. This much temperature is not high enough for glass bending. Usually, the glass is put on a mold and is made during the process of slumping.

Fused glass: This name is used when several pieces of glass are given heat to make them all melt together. Enough temperature is required for fusing the pieces of glass. The temperature is hotter than that of slumping. However, fusing and slumping is done together.

Kiln Casting glass: This technique involves extremely hot melted glass into a mold in the kiln. When you cast in the mold, the kiln is inclusive of using the broken/crushed pieces of glass or a powdered paste of glass, also known as pate de Verre.

Cold Glass

The making of cold glass involves the process of doing something to war, glass. This art is done by joining hot glass and warm glass. For instance, polishing, grinding, engraving, or etching are techniques of working with cold glass.


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Making Glass Sculptures is easy and dangerous because hot glass can cause some serious burns. However, it is one of the most beautiful things to watch because of the mesmerizing procedure of Making Glass Sculptures.

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