Stained Glass Windows Designs and Styles

stain glass windows designs

When you see stained glasses, the first thing that you think about is the stained glass windows. Whether they are called simply ‘sixed glasses’ or ‘stained glass windows’. If you’re searching for bespoke stained glasses window restoration.

Stained glass windows designs are very detailed and it’s often the detail that makes them stand out and look beautiful. The most common stained glass design would have three different shades of colour. These would be the background, the middle shade and the bright highlight colour. Each and every part of the frame could contain the colours or shades of blue, green, pink, purple and even black.

Some of the patterns are very simple, with just a simple pattern of lines. They can range from intricate designs to simple stained glasses that are simple. The background colour for the design is usually white, however, other colours like blue or pink can be used for more detailed designs. A great idea when doing this type of pattern is to use some metallic effects, such as foil stamping. This will add a little bit of sparkle and glitter when light hits the design.

Decorative Stained Window Art

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Stained glass is also popular with those that like to do decorative stained window art. Some of these include Victorian designs, religious symbols, etc. For this particular type of decorative feature you can easily do it yourself. Simply buy a window pane, a metal or wooden dowel and then attach a metal ring to the base and a wooden pin to hold it in place. The pin serves as the ‘pin cushion’ and keeps the ring in place.

If you want to go for something that is different and more unique, then you have several options to choose from. One option would be to have pinterest mounted glass windows. This is simply where you will mount the pinterest or piece of glass onto the window frame. A pinterest holder is a simple metal frame that the glass fits into. There are many different styles to choose from, so there are many different options for this type of window designs.

For those that prefer to do their own stained glass windows, there are a few different things to consider. One thing is to get some glass patterns printed out so you can do a practice run before you actually go out and purchase the materials. This will allow you to see what the finished product looks like and if it is something that you like. Glass patterns can easily be found online.

Design Of Your Home

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Another important detail to keep in mind is to make sure the glass patterns are in line with the design of your home. For example, if you have an overhang on one of the windows in your home, then the pattern should be something that goes with that type of overhang. In other words, you do not want to use a by hanging detail and then have the rest of your home artwork framed in something that does not match. The same can be said for window walls. Make sure the designs complement each other.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then another option to consider is buying some free stained glass wall art. Free wall art can usually be found at local art galleries.


The only drawback to buying free stained glass windows is that you may not know how to properly hang them. If you follow the tips mentioned, you should have no problem following the proper instructions for hanging your glass windows.

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