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The art of stained glass is not as simple as one would think. It is an art that is very difficult to master. Many people think that the only way to get into this field is by taking classes in “destructive glass cracking”. On the contrary, this is only the first part of the process.

Education Required As soon as you turn eighteen years old, you can enroll in some kind of educational program regarding art and crafts. If someone wanted to be an artist in stained glass, usually the first common education is going through a traditional college program in either general arts or even in historic preservation. Through these four years, they may learn everything that they need to learn about the history and development of it as well as about a different medium of glass art. These programs may also help them to develop their own ideas for custom stained glass panels or designs.

Performing Several Duties

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After they are done with school, they may then choose to take a few stained glass commissions. In this case, they will be responsible for performing several duties, such as the creation and the drawing of the stained glass panels or carvings. They also have to prepare samples and make sure that they conform to all guidelines and standards that are set by the custom stained glass commissioning company. They then have to follow up on those commissioned stained glass panels or carvings by sending them back to the house of origin.

This is just the beginning, though. Most artists do not stop there. Most of them continue building on their skills and knowledge base. Some even take on smaller jobs, such as repairing stained glass panels at home. The important thing to keep in mind is that these artists are constantly improving themselves and learning more about their craft so that they can continue improving their work.

Most people think that stained glass is only made out of glass pieces. That is not always the case. You can find stained glass that features animals, letters, words, colors, images, gothic patterns, zodiac signs and more.

Some Of The Most Popular Artists Include:

Some of the best glass studios and schools are located in Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. Glass studios and schools that feature a gothic tradition are located in these cities. Philadelphia has its own take on the art form with its own Pennsylvania Academy of Art.

The academy trains students who are experts in the world of goth. Philadelphia has its own stained glass tradition as well. Many of the best artists in the country have studied here and there are even scholarships available for them at the academy.

In New York, studios and schools that focus on making gothic art come together at the studios of the School of Visual Arts. Here you will be able to learn everything from drawing to sewing and painting.

Great Place To Get Started

This is a great place to get started if you want to learn how to be a stained glass artist. You will also meet other like-minded artists as you make friendships. If you want to be an even better artist, you may consider studying to be an artisan.

Being an artisan gives you the chance to work in more conventional settings, which allows you to get used to working with a variety of materials.

Final Words

Gothic artists have been making stained glass works of art for centuries. These artists are making a unique and fun pastime out of handcrafting mosaics. mosaics can be made for a variety of reasons and can be applied to any home or business.

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