Shower Glass Designs That Can Transform The Look of The Glass

Shower Glass Designs

Designers, professionals, and architects use glass showers as a way to enhance the experience and bring an elegant style to the apartment or a hotel room. During the last couple of years, frameless glass shower design has emerged as a popular choice for aesthetics purposes. The manufactures have also responded to the desire of people by providing various frameless glass shower designs. Since there are many choices to choose from the customers have a hard time deciding on which types of glass to use and what hinges are the best fit for the glass shower design. The traditional framed glass door uses metal or rubber to place and secures the glass around the edges so it doesn’t fall off.

Types Of Glass Doors And Shower Glass Design

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One of the most difficult tasks of remodeling the bathroom is choosing the right glass shower design according to the bathroom. Following are the three main types of glass doors used: –

Framed glass doors: – just as the name suggests there is a metal frame that surrounds the glass from all sides. Since the frame glass door has metal supports all over, they can blend in with the bathroom or can also be used as a stand-out feature. Framed glass doors are the most economical option and there are many designs available at affordable prices. These doors last long with minimum to low maintenance and are always a good choice for glass doors.

Semi-framed glass doors: – this type of glass door is a combination of both framed as well as frameless glass shower design. The semi-framed glass offers the water tightness of a framed door as well as have glossy finish. The door handle area and the top section of the door are usually the part where there is no frames present. Since it is a combination of both, the price range is also between the framed and frameless glass door options.

Frameless glass door: – these are the modern-looking design and highlight the tile work as well as gives the illusion that a small bathroom looks bigger. These doors are installed with the help of special hardware clamps and the type of glass doors are usually bypass or a pivot style door. These doors are easy to clean as well as highly customizable.

Cleaning The Glass Doors Right

Mix 4 tablespoons of lemon juice with 1 cup of distilled water and spray it on the glass door. After 5 minutes dry the glass using a microfiber cloth.

Dip a microfiber cloth with baby oils and then wipe the door.

Mix dish soap and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio and wash the door with a microfiber cloth.

What type of glass is used? Tempered glass is used in the manufacture of the glass door.


The glass door adds a very rich touch to the bathroom design and choosing the right glass door design does have a long-lasting impression on the room. You are going to provide a makeover within the budget which means you should have creative ideas and be able to use the material that are available instead of purchasing each and everything.

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