Shot Glass Designs- Making Ideas

Shot Glass Designs

Meta- Make the best shot glass designs at home and bring out your sense of creativity.

Do you have a bar at home and you want to decorate it? Well, then you would like to have the best shot glass designs decked up. But design shot glasses are expensive, which is why you can even try to make it at home. There are various designs that you can choose from, and you can implement terrific ideas. Bring out your creativity to create the perfect shot glass designs, and your guests will be mesmerized. You can even try to imprint a personalized message so that it has an elegant feel. What are you waiting for?

Paint It Yourself-Shot Glass Designs

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You can paint with fabric paint on the shot glasses, and it will look amazing. Use some of the bold colors to bring out the vibrant nature, and when you pour the drink, the glass will look perfect. You can even try mandala art if you want, and the intricate designs are bound to look fabulous. There are some screen-printed designs that you can find out and try on your own with the help of a brush. Always try to use skinny brushes so that the color does not spread out on the glass.

Laser Printing Technique

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If you have a laser printing machine, then you can use it on the shot glass as well. Try to find out any design of your own choice, and your printing will be ready. The best part about the laser printer is that even if you wash, roughly the color will not fade out. You can try various patterns and textures, and the final look will be fantastic. You can even use glitter paint on top of the base color to give it a shimmery finish.

Spray Paint-Shot Glass Designs

Do you have spray paint and a stencil? Place the stencil sticker on top of the shot glass, and then spray paint it with care. You can try painting in colors like yellow and white, and after it is dry, remove the stencil sticker. You will love the imprint that it leaves and want to create more shot glasses like this. Try quirky stencils like mustache and lips to develop a gender identity for the shot glasses. Try to have oil-based spray paint, which will not be toxic, so that your shot glasses become Food grade quality.

Accessorizing The Shot Glasses

It is important to add accessories to the shot glass, so try to add some silicon design. For example, you can add squishy animals to the handles, and it would look fantastic. There are many squishy accessories that you can find as well as beads. Add them with the help of superglue, and it will not come out at all. There are permanent markers you can draw on the shot glasses with any design in your mind. Did you know that you can even create designs with the help of nail polish? The best part about it is that you can remove it with alcohol and make new designs every day.


There are various shortlist designs that you can find and start implementing right away. Just make sure that the glass surface is dry before you try it on.

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