Repairing Broken Glass Designs

broken glass designs

Most visitors will leave some comments on online reviews to share their opinions about their recent experience at Broken Glass Designs. The name Broken Glass Designs was coined as an expression of the frustration many people have experienced while having to clean up glass after having a break. The name Broken Glass Designs was started because the cleaning process is not as easy as breaking the glass. Glass cleaning is more difficult than breaking it. There are different types of glass and each has its own unique broken glass design that needs to be cleaned. After the glass has been broken the surface area is exposed and requires special attention.

Cleaning Broken Glass

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Cleaning broken glass can be very frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry to clean up. You have probably had hundreds of these experiences in your life, and you know how frustrating it can be to clean up a glass surface that has so many small broken pieces on it. Sometimes all you have is the rag or towel to clean the glass surface, and you have to work quickly to keep the glass from getting any more broken. Other times you may be able to get out the specialist tools that allow for the easier cleaning. Here are some tips that can help you clean up broken glass properly.

There are different types of glass designs that will require special tools for the broken glass removal. One type of glass design is made from glass that is frosted, meaning that it has been cut in such a way that some of the top is still intact, but the bottom part is completely gone. A beautiful effect can be achieved with this type of broken glass.

Crumb Pattern

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Another type of broken glass design is called a crumb pattern. This pattern is caused by the glass being cracked but the top layer has not been damaged. With a crumb pattern the broken glass can be cleaned easily and the pattern can be maintained through the use of specialised tools. You will have to work quickly to control the flow of the liquids to ensure that the surface is not etched before you start with the next step.

The next thing that you need to do is to clean the surface tiles thoroughly. If there are any small pieces of broken glass left on the tiles you should vacuum them very gently. The glass should then be wiped off the surface. You can then place back the surface tiles and repeat the cleaning process until you achieve the desired finish.

Clean It With A Toothbrush

If the glass was cut and is smooth, you should be able to clean it with a toothbrush and a little warm water. You should only use a soft cloth for this process as rough abrasive cloths may permanently damage the glass. If the glass has been etched, you should use a commercial sealer to protect the surface. This will prevent the etched glass from bubbling up or from scratching when you next clean the surface.


You may also be able to repair the glass design on your own. There are many books on home repair and even magazines dedicated to home improvement. Many of these books and magazines will also give you helpful advice on how to repair specific glass pieces. It is highly recommended that you follow the advice given but if you do find that the damage is beyond hope please contact a professional glass designer to have your glass designs – and your broken glass – replaced.

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