Making Your Own Hand Painted Wine Glasses At Home

hand painted wine glasses

Make your own hand-painted wine glasses using this easy DIY guide. Grab a clean q-tip and apply your colored paint! This is my first time painting on wine glasses since the first time using alcohol ink. The first time I used colored paint, a large batch of glass was not that successful, so they were slightly more difficult to paint.

For the second painting, I used a very small amount of colored paint on each one of the wine glasses and spread it evenly on the surface. Next, I took several different pictures of wine flowing from one glass to another out on the table. I placed the glass nearest to the window on the paper in front of the wine. Then I took another photo of a bottle of wine on the other glass and moved it to the front and back.

I let the paintings dry overnight. In the morning, I removed the paint and cleaned the glassware. To get the air-dry time, set the pot on a burner with about two inches of water in the bottom; once you have it well-ventilated, place the pot in the oven for at least eight hours.

If you are afraid of splatters or spills on your hand, you can always use alcohol on your hands before you start the polka dot wine glass painting. Alcohol is safe, all-natural, and good for your hand. After the alcohol evaporates, leave your paint on for about twenty-four hours and then wash it with warm water and soap.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses

A glass of wine

If you are painting your hand-painted wine glasses yourself, then the process would be similar, but you would need some help. First, you need to have a hot oven. Place your baking soda in the preheated oven and let the soda melt on the top of the oven. Then place the wine glass in the hot oven and make sure that the rack is at the lowest temperature.

If you do not want to use an oven, you could also use your microwave. Take your paint and chipboard. Get out the knife and cut the paint into the shape of a circle. Then place the wine glass in the microwave oven and set the timer to a few minutes. After waiting until the timer says ten seconds, you could take it out of the oven and slice off the polka dot design by using your knife or your hand.

Things To Know

A glass of wine

You could also make hand-painted wine glasses without the use of a dishwasher. For one thing, it will save you some time, and it is also possible to make your own designs using stencils. All you would need to do is gather the necessary items like stencils, hot glue gun, and paint, and then prepare the glass for it. The best way to do it is to first clean the safe dishwasher area and then proceed to make hand-painted wine glasses according to your design.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you are thinking of doing this job yourself, you may want to find a glass cleaner that contains affiliate links on it. You can use the glass cleaner’s lid to spread the melted paint all over the surface of the glass without having to clean it thoroughly. In doing this, you would avoid any damage or blemishes to the glass, and it would be a lot easier to remove the stains after it dries up. You could place the glass in your dishwasher safe for a couple of days until it becomes dry and you are done with your DIY project.

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