Make Your Garden Sparkle With Glass Art

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Glass is rarely used in gardens. People have mostly used glass in artefacts, windows or doors. Today, we will bring you some amazing examples how glass art can be used in gardens to make it sparkle and shine. Glass not only adds fluidity and space to a room, but also adds elegance and charm. Read on further to know how you can make your garden sparkle with glass art.

Glass Art Garden

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Sometimes there is no scope of adding more plants or trees to improve the look of your gardens. There is no space for a water feature and also no focal point that you can enhance. So, what do you do when you face this dilemma? Well, you use glass art cleverly to enhance the look of your garden.

Benefits of Glass Art

A large clock tower in the middle of a room

A glass art garden is easy to install, light-in-weight and available in a myriad of hues. You get these in all price options, various designs and as per different themes. The best part of glass art is that it does not get rusted, does not need refinishing and are very portable when needed to be moved or adjusted. 

Add Color

Glass art sometimes adds a wow factor to an already beautiful flower bed. You can use glass fiddleheads made from opaque glass to create an extra drama in your gardens. These are sometimes available in brighter hues and shades that are not available in real flowers. Using these with real flowers will give a more colorful look. These also do not need watering or maintenance and can be easily tucked in a bed of soil that is otherwise infertile. 

Fun for Children

You can add glass wind chimes in the middle of your flower beds to create a delightful sound of glass and metal tinkling. Your children will love these additional details in your garden and these will also sparkle in the sunlight.


If  you have large conifers or non-flowering trees in your garden and would love to add a splash of color, you can use large chunks of cheap beach glass and fix them all with a wire and hang them on your trees. This will create a bejewelled effect on your trees and will sparkle your garden.

Focal Point

If everything is good in your garden, and  yet you feel it lacks a central focal point, then you can easily create one using colored glass. You can create a stunning glass sculpture in colorful shades near the pool or right in the centre and add some real flowers or pebbles by its side. You can also get some blown-glass sculptures that may look like some colorful birds and place them next to some flower beds, trees, pool or near the fountain to get an added effect. These glass sculptures will reflect sunlight and sparkle beautifully.

Surprizing Effects

If you have a dense foliage in your garden and want to add some light in there, the best way is to place a huge glass sculpture or a glass ball that will reflect light and sparkle beautifully. It will enhance the look of the dense foliage and add some brightness to it. 

these are some clever ways in which you can create a spectacular glass art garden.

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