Light Up Your Lawn With Glass Sculptures

layered glass sculptures

Layered Glass Sculptures have captivated the imaginations of art lovers across the world. With their modernistic look, these latest collections are really catching the attention of people. These pieces are intricately designed by skilled artisans who weave different types of glass into amazing designs. Some of these are even being exhibited at national and international exhibits. The layered glass sculptures are made using a number of special materials that include glass, metal, resin, wood, coral, and net.

One of the most renowned layered glass sculptures, artist Frank Peterson, is the brainchild of Australian artist Peter Young. The artist has made quite a name for himself, as his pieces have won several prestigious awards at national and international competitions. Peterson’s artwork is characteristically modern and dynamic in its appearance. His style is defined by a combination of various textures, geometric shapes, and bold color schemes. His artwork is always attractive and appealing, which is why Frank Peterson has been referred to as one of the leading Abstract Artists of modern times.

Layered Glass Sculptures

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Among the numerous examples of Frank Peterson’s glass artworks is a series entitled Ocean. This series was self-taught by Frank Peterson, who used a combination of materials to create this remarkable piece. This is among the latest collections of Ocean that he has made. Ocean was first launched in 2021 at the Australian Museum in Sydney, Australia. It was later on shown at the Saatchi Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. The ocean is Frank Peterson’s most significant work to date, which he termed as his ‘lucky’ series.

The ocean is part of the first group of Frank Peterson glass sculptures that were self-taught. The first material that was used to create the sculptures was an amalgamation of various materials. This included an amalgamation of pebbles, seashells, coral, and glass. Another important component used in this creation was wood, with the pebbles and shells being used as integral parts of the mold. The final product of Ocean was an awe-inspiring piece that was beautifully sculptured.

A Much Ado

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The ocean is the latest collection in the Frank Peterson collection of layered glass sculptures. In this creation, the large pieces of glass are arranged in what is called the ‘ocean’ format. A large number of these large sculptures were created for the Sydney Opera House. A close examination of the surface of the sculptures will reveal the layered glass that is suspended above the actual ocean. This is the second collection from Peterson that uses this particular format.

The creation of Ocean is one of the latest sculptures to come from the line of Frank Peterson. It is a masterpiece of sculptural art, as it combines the beauty of the pebbles and the exquisite beauty of the glass that is used in this creation. Several of the etched glass panels in this particular sculpture have been crafted using a variety of colored glass, which has an almost luminescent quality to it. These pebble-colored glasses are then meticulously etched so that they reflect the light and refract it, lending a gently lit glow to the glass.

Ocean has two additional sculptures in this collection, both of which were created by Frank Peterson in 2021. The first of these sculptures is entitled Endless Forms, and it depicts an array of different animals arranged in a seemingly endless array. The other sculpture is entitled Verdigris, and it depicts a young woman holding a single rose. These sculptures highlight the sensuousness of the layered glass and make them exceptionally beautiful additions to any home or garden.

Bottom Line

Frank Peterson creates these incredible sculptures using only the best quality materials that are created by nature itself. Glass pebbles and colored glass are combined together in a manner that will reflect their beauty and bring out their true nature. These materials are carefully selected and are made to refract the light within the glass so that you are able to view the beautiful facets of the sculptures. These beautifully crafted layered glass pieces will astound you and leave you with a wonderful sense of wonder.

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