Know Who Is A Glassworker And Their Techniques

Know Who Is A Glassworker And The Techniques Used By A Glassworker

A glassworker is someone who performs activities like cutting glasses into different sizes, installing glasses, etc. They are also known as glaziers. They are the ones who can professionally handle glass. This profession demands a lot of skill and expertise as we all know how delicate glasses are.

A glassworker acquires the skill of performing different glass-forming techniques. They are all different from one another. Take a look at some of these processes.

Know Who Is A Glassworker And The Techniques Used By  A Glassworker
Know Who Is A Glassworker And Their Techniques

Techniques Used By A Glassworker: Glassblowing

Glassblowing is a technique that is mostly practiced by glassblowers. Glassblowers cut the glass into smaller parts by using a torch. In glassblowing, molten parts of the glass are put in a bubble using a blow tube. 

Techniques Used By A Glassworker: Free-Blowing

This method is mostly famous among artists. This method was first introduced around the 1st century BC. Glass studios also used this method, making it a popular method of glass-forming. In free-blowing, a short and light whiff of air is blown into a gather, which has been the wind at one end of the blowpipe.

During the ancient times, a free-blowing method was popular among glassworkers even in those days. However, it was slightly different from today’s free-blowing technique. The glassworkers used earlier clay blowpipes. An expert glassworker has the skill to mold and shapes any glass vessel.


It is a substitute for the free-blowing process. In this technique, a semi-liquid piece of molten glass is put on the edge of a blowpipe and then there is an increase in its size and put into a craved mold.

Thus, different products can be created with the help of these techniques like drinking glasses, cups, glasses for windows and doors, etc. 

The job of a glassworker is quite a risky one. It has many life-threatening risks, including being cut by glass, getting burned by molten glass, falling from a ladder, etc. Lifting heavy equipment might also cause injury. Here are some of the safety measures that every glassworker should follow:

Know Who Is A Glassworker And The Techniques Used By  A Glassworker
Know Who Is A Glassworker And Their Techniques
  • When it comes to clothes, wear fibers like cotton or wool. Do not choose to wear synthetic fibers.
  • Choose to wear long pants.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Make sure your feet are covered entirely. 
  • Protecting your eyes is a must. There is the eyewear that is specially meant for this purpose.
  • Be careful, and don’t burn yourself. The glass can be very hot in the molten state and there are chances that you might hurt yourself. 
  • Anything that is being used in the process of glass making eventually turns out to be hot. This may cause burns. So, you should be careful in handling all the equipment. 
  • Lifting and placing the glass should be done with extra care. Cover your hands properly while holding it. 
  • Put some cushion or any piece of cloth below the glass. Do not place it directly. 
  • Carry some medicine like ointments for any case of emergency. 

This article will help you to learn enough about the techniques used by a glassworker in the process of glassmaking.

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