How to Find Excellent Glass Paints Designs on the Internet

glass paints designs

If you love stained glass and love to see things in the mist, then you might be a perfect candidate for glass paints. Stained glass is a wonderful hobby, and you can create beautiful window decor with it too. If you haven’t tried this type of painting before, it’s something that will completely change the way you view stained glass. You’ll find yourself inspired every time you look at your work of art.

If stained glass windows are not your cup of tea, there are many other window panes you can paint on. You can also experiment with different techniques too. I know one person who uses nail polish in her glass windows. It has a really cool effect.

Glass Paints Designs

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Some of the Christmas window paintings I’ve seen use a technique called metallic/wood composite. What does that mean? It means metallic glaze on wood. That’s a cool idea, and you don’t even have to use glue to join the colors together. It just so happens that I happen to know one person who uses metallic/wood composite in her window panes, and it is spectacular.

A lot of people have been discussing how to design window panes using colored glass, and you can’t have enough of those. If you’re like me, you really enjoy drinking tea out of beautiful teacups. Many people have glass teapots too. Let’s face it; stained glass looks great sitting out in the sun or even over your favorite coffee cup. Some folks use them for bird watching too.


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If you’re a nature lover, there are a ton of window painting ideas that involve nature. Some people love the beach scene type of window pane painting ideas, and others want to depict waterfalls and nature scenes. Some people really love the way birds look at the sun setting behind the mountain peaks.

Some folks also prefer to have an old fashioned carousel installed in their windows. They could be open-faced or shut. The open-faced carousel will give your room an old-time feel and is quite a nice decorative touch if you have some sort of vintage decors in your home.

The last group I would like to discuss are those who prefer to use glass paints with stained glass panes. They have beautiful looking stained glass panes that add so much to any home. You can find many different styles and sizes. If you are interested in window painting ideas like this, you may want to take a trip to the co rh crate at Wal-Mart or Home Depot.

Pinterest does offer a lot of interesting glass painting ideas as well. If you have not looked at interest before, you should. They have some awesome pieces that are perfect for your home decor. I have found one particular set of window panes that I would love to have installed in my home.

Things To Consider

If you go to the co is interest com you can find many glass painting ideas. There are tons of designs you can choose from. One company even has several different sizes available for you to choose from. These are wonderful if you are someone who likes to collect glass or metal. I think this particular company also has some incredible window paintings that are geared toward children as well as adults.

There are some amazing window painting ideas that you can get on this great company’s site. There are beautiful glass tiling and even some unique pictures that allow you to see what a stained glass tiled room looks like. Some of the things I love about this website are the color choices, tools and materials they use.

There is quite a bit of information that is featured on the glass window painting ideas. They feature a tutorial on how to decorate with glass paints, and there are some fantastic pictures to help inspire you. You can even print out a few to study. The website also features a glossary of glass terms so you can be certain that you understand exactly what you are looking at. All of the glass paints have been formulated to be 100% acrylic paint and are formulated for use on stained glass windows.

Bottom Line

In addition to all of the beautiful glass painting ideas this site has to offer, it has some awesome Christmas window painting ideas. There is a section where you will find a section dedicated to glass Christmas windows. You will find all of the usual things that you would expect, such as a guide to designing the perfect Christmas window. This also includes a glossary of terms that you will need to know so that you can create beautiful glass windows.

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