5 Best Glass Designs For Doors

Glass Designs

Glass exudes elegance and beauty. Adding glass doors for your showers, bathrooms, bedrooms, or in living rooms instantly adds an illusion of length and width. Glass doors can easily make a small house look big and spacious. Glass doors also enable you to get plenty of natural light through their transparent surface. But should you install plain glass doors or with some design? Today, you have innumerable options of glass designs for doors.

Beautiful Glass Designs for Doors
Beautiful Glass Designs for Doors

Glass door designs instantly make your home look modern and trendy. You get a lot of design options to choose from. Glass is a very sophisticated material that blends well with different interior themes. Glass not only gives an illusion of a larger space but also adds fluidity to the area. Here are some of the best glass designs for doors that enhance the charm of a room.

Glass Designs For Doors

Main Door Glass Design

This refers to the entrance door or the main door of a house. You need to use a mix of wood and glass for the main door as you would need some privacy too. Furthermore, wood adds more sturdiness for the main door. To add to the privacy factor, you can use frosted glass in combination with wood to create different designs. Select frosted glass patterns with some design or etched pattern on it. You can use the similar pattern on the wood to create synchrony. A glass design for doors at the entrance of a house should have a balance of sturdiness and fashion.

Glass Design Doors in Living Room

The living room door can be transparent and should feature pretty designs that can easily be the highlight of the house. You can opt for large framed windows set the door design and collaborate with each other using some light colors or patterns to create a very unique appeal factor. A glass design for living room doors can be floral, geometric or even coloured as per the interior theme of the house. The main aim of this door is to offer privacy when someone is watching television inside and also to allow both, people inside and outside the living room to notice each other.

Glass Door for Bedroom

A glass door for bedrooms is rare, but if you want it then you can have additional hanging curtains inside for privacy when you need. You can get a sliding or a folding glass design for your bedroom door so that it can be easily pushed away or folded when you want your room to be connected with the rest of the house. You can add French window panels in a bedroom glass door to make the interior look classy and rich.

Glass Designs for doors and windows
Glass Designs for Doors and Windows

Kitchen Glass Door Design

The glass design for doors for a kitchen can be completely transparent as one does not need any privacy here. You can use frosted as well as transparent glass. You can add a center panel with stained glass paintings or go for etched floral or geometric patterns. Ensure that your kitchen door opens both outside and inside so that it just acts as a partition when required.

These are some of the best glass designs for doors in a house.

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