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glass art society

Glass Art Society is an international not-for-profit organization that supports exceptional artists and their outstanding glass arts by providing them with a platform for better recognition and appreciation. It helps facilitate the development of glass art globally and aims to engage artists in communication with educators, students, gallery and museum personnel, art critics, art collectors, and any other individual involved with the glass medium for work, study, or merely a hobby or a keen interest towards it.

Glass Art Society Membership

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The Glass Art Society has membership options at various levels. It is even considerate towards students by allowing them to pay how much they can, allotting a minimum fee of only 5 USD while an average individual has to pay 100 USD. Institutions need to pay 300 USD while collectors need to pay a whopping price of 500 USD. However, with membership comes plenty of other benefits like shipping discounts, voting rights, and access to community conversations online and exclusive webinars, and many others. The Glass Art Society is active and vocal in many of their publishings, and a few of them are as follows.

Glass Art Society Member Exhibition

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The GAS Member exhibition represents the community and displays the range of versatility and innovation of artists. It makes room for higher engagement growth and attracts and invites new audiences from all over the world. Their catalogs showcase various forms of art- from clothing made using mixed media to flamework. They have got it all. Those interested in a particular piece and may consider buying it need not fret as the prices for each are diligently mentioned as well. It is a great community for artists to be a part of and feel proud of.

GAS Student Exhibition

The GAS Student Exhibition is an excellent opportunity for students to stunt their work on a global platform proudly. Some may be for sale, while some are simply the eyes to capture and consume all of its beauty and intricacy at once. Students from over ten countries took part in the 2020 GAS Student Exhibition. The jurors- Deborah Czeresko, Chris McElroy, and Rui Sasaki were very impressed with the 50+ applications.

Glass Art Society Newsletters

GAS Newsletters go by the name of GASNews and cover various topics like culture, history, art, placemaking, and sometimes even connect it with social or political aspects. Filled with think-pieces and factual articles, it’s a whole spectrum of art and everything it has to offer in complete detail, making it a world of its own. It documents the seminars, conferences, or webinars the Glass Art society hosts to great detail. Artistic innovation and freedom is a common theme that can be seen throughout. Topics revolving around the toxic pollutants left behind due to glassmaking are also discussed. Each issue focuses on a specific artistic practice and looks at the impact it may have and the impact it has on the community itself, and how it inspires many others within.


The Glass Art Society is an excellent initiative for fellow artists and art enthusiasts alike. It promotes and provides a global outreach, attracting enthusiastic artists and others interested and educates them on all things art and glass.

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