Giant Champagne Glass Decoration Ideas For Your Upcoming Party

giant champagne glass decoration

Everyone loves a champagne glass in their hand while attending an occasion. Get a little tipsy with your friends or colleagues and have a little fun. Whether it is your birthday party or your wedding, whatever the occasion is, you always have a glass of champagne in your hand. Champagne is generally drunk on special occasions. Over the years, it has become more of a tradition to open a bottle of a bubbly bottle of champagne while celebrating. Before the 1800s, champagne was called a drink of the rich and royalty. But after the 1800s, its price dropped and the common folks also had excess to it. But now, due to its marketing strategy, champagne has become a drink for special occasions, they are also expensive. Whether you are going to a New Year’s Eve party or Christmas party, you will always find champagne bottles decorated. There are different glasses in which you can drink champagne. 

Evolution Of Champagne Glasses

When you open a bottle of expensive champagne, you obviously wouldn’t pour it into the best cup you find in your kitchen. It needs its unique vessel to make that expensive champagne more enjoyable and special. So there are varieties of glasses in which you can drink champagne, the most famous one is the flute. But as the fashion changes, we can see a change in the fashion of champagne glasses also. 

So, why restrict yourself from using champagne glasses only for drinking champagne. These are used in other ways too. These huge champagne glasses are decorated as a decorative item at weddings or baby showers. 

Now people like to have massive champagne glasses decorated. So here is the tip on how to decorate your giant champagne glass. 

Decoration Of Champagne Glass

A close up of a wine glass

Take a giant champagne glass and apply Mod Podge with a brush to the lower part of the champagne glass. 

Now take crushed glasses or if you don’t have that, then take silver glitter and apply it to the glue.

Let it dry for 4 hours before proceeding. 

After four hours, it is time to decorate the glass. Take a ribbon and make a small bow from it. 

Fill the big champagne glass with white water beads or you can fill it with small marble balls. Fill ⅕ of the glass with it. 

Take a small light and place it inside the water beads so that it gives a sparkling effect to the champagne glass. 

Now place a fresh rose or you can take an artificial rose on the top of water beads

It is time to glue the ribbon on the front of the glass. You can place it wherever you like

Our giant champagne glass is now decorated. You can also add anything of your own choice if you like. 


A table with wine glasses

Do not roll the glass in the crushed glasses when applying them to the champagne glass. Apply it with your hands. Otherwise, the crushed glass crystal will get ruined. 

Handle the crushed glass with care. Do not cut yourself. 

If you do not let the glass dry, it would be problematic for you when you are doing the decoration. So let it dry completely. 


If you want to make your party fancy and elite, decorating champagne glasses is your best option. Other than this, it is a plus that you can use champagne glasses on any occasion. You can even use a giant champagne glass as a coolant to your champagne bottle. So have your giant champagne glass decoration for your occasion.

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