DIY Glass Decoration – 3 Best Ways To Reuse Your Old Glass Jars And Bottles

Diy Glass Decoration

Some common household fights and tiffs are related to those empty and stinky bottles. Several bottles are stored in your kitchen cabinets and storeroom every month. What’s the reason that every house has a couple of empty bottles in their cabinets? The answer varies, and it also depends on multiple factors.

How do you dispose or get rid of these accumulated bottles? You might be selling a bunch of empty wine and beer bottles to have your favorite burgers or throwing them in the garbage bin. Well, we understand that it costs a huge amount of time and effort to dispose these bottles.

Hence, here we have mentioned some DIY glass decoration ideas that explain how you can reuse the old jars and bottles.

Try To Use Them As Vases Or Planters

A glass mug on a table

Old glasses and jars are often available in multiple shapes and sizes. However, when you wash them with disinfectant liquid thoroughly, they look super cute. You can combine all these bottles and jars and turn them into vases or planters of your garden.

Get some fresh flowers, put them in these jars, and give your interiors a simple rustic look. Nevertheless, if you are using fresh flowers, ensure there is enough ventilation in your indoors. Some common types of plants you can put in the old bottles and jars are coleus, purpleheart, ivy, potato vine, etc.

You can also decorate these bottles with colorful stripes, watercolors, and even vines. You can also customize the shape of bottles for your requirements using your creativity.

Use Them As Decor Accessories

A stuffed animal

For turning your old stinky bottles into decor pieces, visit your nearest craft supplies store. You can give a metallic or golden coat to your bottle using spray paints. Believe it or not, no one will realize that these decor pieces were actually lying down in the cabinets.

If you have some extra time, try to print some designs and patterns using pencils and stencils. However, these designs may not last long if you wash your decor pieces frequently. Whenever you are painting or customizing the glass bottles, wear silicon gloves and a regular mask. Lastly, while painting the glass bottles, ensure that area near you in open or proper ventilation is available.

Turn Your Old Bottle Into Organizers

You’ll definitely never throw those cute little jars after reading this idea. These smaller jars are perfect to use as storage containers. You can store wet cotton swabs, foundations, makeup brushes, eyeliners, and so on. You can either use them nude or paint with your desired color.

Believe it or not, you’ll definitely fall in love with these jars. While cleaning, ensure you don’t put some scratches and dents on the jars. If you want to keep your jars nude, put some pearl beads to improve their aesthetic appeal.

Final Words

Now, either you throw these jars in your garbage bin or use them as decor pieces and save your money. We hope you’ll consider these DIY glass decoration ideas and turn your old jars into decor pieces and save your mother earth as well.

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