Decoration With Glass Bottles Ideas

Decoration With Glass Bottles

In an average household, 1 kilogram worth of glass bottles is used every year. Have you ever wonder, what can you do with those just lying around? You might think of throwing them out, but they are so many. Do not fret because we are going to get creative today, repurposing them into decorations with glass bottles.  

You can now turn those bottles into something beautiful and useful for your home. These can turn too into budget-friendly gifts for all occasions from Mother’s Day to Christmas Day.

Grab a bottle now and let us start doing glass bottle decor and craft ideas. 

Decoration With Glass Bottles Ideas
Decoration With Glass Bottles Ideas

1. Glass Jar Terrarium Craft: Decoration With Glass Bottles

You do not need to throw away that used jar anymore. Turn that into a terrarium and enjoy a beautiful view in any place of your house.

2. Hanging Glass Light 

Recycling into hanging lights is one of the best ways to recreate mason jars. If you have some at home, you need to buy some fairy lights and dangle them anywhere for some farmhouse vibes.

3. Bottle Glass Craft Room Storage

Storage is often a problem when you have a creative mind. Why don’t you remake those glasses into amazing organizers instead? They will look good as pen holders and more with a few turns of yarns or ribbons.

4. Wine Bottle Trim Lace Vases

If you still have some wine bottles left after a great night, you can turn them into flower vases. Reinvent them with laces for a more elegant look and make it as a table centerpiece.  

5. Colorful Chandelier for Decoration With Glass Bottles

Decorations with glass bottles do not to be vases only, because aside from hanging them. You can also use them like a chandelier, a colorful one.

Cut the half of the bottle to have an upcycled chandelier. Then, you may either paint it or stain the container for more statement design.

6. Bookshelf Bottle 

You can also use bottles, especially wine bottles, to make bookshelves. There stall stature will help you store any size of books. Then, they are also eye-catching, making them perfect functional decoration in any home. A few wood planks would help you with this, grab some now and start building your bookshelf bottle now.

7. Liquid Soap Dispenser

With the recent turn of events worldwide, washing hands is a must now. Today, you can do it in fashion using decorations with glass bottles. Turn them into a liquid soap dispenser.

Tips For Decoration With Glass Bottles
Tips For Decoration With Glass Bottles

8. Food Jar Storage

If you are the same as me, you will surely have glass bottles lying around the kitchen. Instead of having them waste in the dark, you can use them as food jar storage. A few M&M’s, Skittles, and some more snacks would surely fit on them.

9. Classy Bottle Candles: Decoration With Glass Bottles

This DIY craft idea is great for any decorations with glass bottles. Cut a wine bottle into half or just simply use a mason jar for this project. You will never go wrong with it. It is perfect as a budget-friendly gift for any occasion.

10. Wine Drinking Glasses

The last glass bottle idea would be a drinking glass project. These are eco-friendly and a great home décor addition. You will only need to cut the wine bottle into half and smoothen the edges.

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