Cremation Glass Art With Sculptures of Your Loved One

cremation glass art

Cremation glass art can add a beautiful touch to your memorial service or funeral. Often these beautiful works of art come as a pendant or in a necklace. Oftentimes these designs are displayed on the memorial table. If you would like to incorporate this kind of artwork into your service, here are some ideas that can help you do so.

Many families choose to place the cremation art pieces on a shelf or mantel inside their home. You will want to be sure to display it in an area where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight. You also need to consider placement of the pendant in an area where it is not visible. You may want to place the cremation glass art over the open fireplace, in a display case, or even over a large picture in your home. These are just a few ideas for displaying these wonderful works of art.

An Overview

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If you want something that can be displayed on the mantel or table top, you may want to consider a piece from the “Cremation Paperweight Collection.” This collection was created by artist Susan Lordi. The unique style and color combinations of each item to allow it to easily compliment any room decor. It includes a beautiful earthen colored paperweight and a hand-painted wax sculpture that are placed on a sturdy metal stand.

The “Cremation Glass Art Collection” can also be displayed on a wall inside your home. The unique style and colors of each piece to allow it to work well with any decorating theme. These are two beautiful cremation glass art pendants that display the ashes of your loved ones cremation ashes. Each piece is exquisitely crafted and finished with rhodium plating.

In addition to these wonderful memorial glass art pieces, you may also want to consider a nice memorial candle. Many people use candles as a way to commemorate a loved one’s life. However, candles can actually be quite costly if you are using several at a time. With the addition of cremated remains in a candle, you will be able to have a lovely candle that you can easily light without having to purchase several of them. The blown glass candle features an original design that combines a glass blown from the cremated remains with an original candle design.

Cremation Glass Art With Sculptures

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If you are interested in adding cremains to a glass art setting, consider the option of adding a beautiful sculpture of your loved one to the top of your candle. The sculpture can be designed in a variety of forms, including a human face and features, a heart, eyes, smile, and many others. Your florist can help you choose the perfect sculpture for the top of your candle.

Another beautiful option of cremation memorial glass art is to create a stained glass panel with the ashes of your loved one. This type of panel can be crafted from either solid or glass pieces that are colored to coordinate with the cremains. It can be created into any shape that you desire. Stained glass panels are available in a variety of colors, including multiple colors of pink and purple. These panels can be added to memorial candle holders, wall sconces, and other areas of your home where you wish to remember your loved one.

Last Words

No matter what style or color of cremation sculpture that you choose to incorporate in the home, you can rest assured that it will remain a beautiful keepsake of your loved one. Each piece is hand-crafted by a professional artist. Each piece is individually inspected to ensure that your loved one’s ashes were included. To view some examples of the types of sculptures that can be created with the ashes of a loved one, click here.

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