Creating Simple Stained Glass Designs

simple stained glass designs

Simple stained glass designs can be found everywhere. They are perhaps the most popular types of designs which would be featured in both the Edwardian and the Victorian eras. With simple designs, these beautiful works of art can be front and centre and bring quite an impressive focal point to any room in either a house or office. In addition to this, simple stained glass designs also allow for a much more economical use of various decorating schemes.

Double-spindle Glass Stemware

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There are many simple stained glass styles that feature the double-spindle glass stemware. These are vessels that often contain two holes for the light to pass through. They are made out of different colored glass which is then fused together to create the vessel. The common colors would be red and yellow, but other colors such as blue and green have also been produced over time. With these, a variety of patterns can be created by having different colored glass is mixed together. Some of the most common patterns would be floral, nature scenes, animals, and so forth.

Most of the common variations in these designs can be seen in the home interiors. For instance, in the kitchen there are usually clear versions of the stemware used. In bedrooms, they can be paired up with glass paintings depicting landscapes, flowers and angels. They can also go well with modernistic themes, especially those using black and white painted backgrounds.

Add A Touch Of Color

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In bathrooms, they can be used to add a touch of color by having abstract designs painted on the glass. Some of these may include cherry blossoms, waterfalls, fish, birds and the like. They can also be used to enhance the lighting in certain areas of the room. For instance, having the glass come out when the switch is turned on or off will provide light that can be dramatic at times.

Simple stained glass can be made from different kinds of glass. These would include leaded glass, aluminum, copper and so forth. While these are just some of the commonly used materials, others may also be found in combination to give a completely new look. For instance, some may be coated with gold or silver paint to make them look more colorful.

Different Shapes

These designs can have many different shapes. Some of them are rectangles, squares, octagons and so on. While some of them have several different shapes, others would just have one basic shape. The main thing is that these designs should be as simple as possible for easier identification.

Bottom Line

Creating simple stained glass pieces is a very easy process. It will only require you a few things and a little bit of patience. Once you have finished it, you will have something that you can be proud of. You will have made a simple design that will astound your friends and family.

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