Clever Glass Cups Decoration Ideas That Are Super Easy And Decent

glass cups decoration

Decorations are always a fun and creative thing to do. It is something that we do better in our home also and to decorate our home accessories can be more creative. When it comes to glass cup decoration, there are end numbers of ideas that we can try to decorate to the new simple glasses and even the odd and old ones also and give them a new creative look.

With no wait, let’s discuss how many ways we can decorate the glass cups:

Add Some Vibrant Ribbons

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For beginners, we do not have to use costly accessories for decoration. We can use also apply some simple stuff to decorate the glass cups. We can add some colorful high-quality ribbon to enrich our glass cup. We can use non stick long last glue, put it on the ribbon and select the area of the glass cup, and put it carefully to stick it for a long time put it in the oven for 15 to 30 minutes (in 177c) by putting a baking sheet first and then the glasses. After all that, leave them for a while and that it uses beautiful decoration.

Colorful Tapes

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We can add some more things like we can use some different colors of tapes which can last long. Choose the specific area and put the tapes, and let them in a place to adjust the glass cup with the tapes. Enjoy the creation.


For a quick, easy way to decorate the glass cup, we can use stickers also. For this, put the sticker on the specific area and leave them for a while. And then we can use it.

Painting Glasses

We can also paint the glass cups; first, we have to clean them with alcohol; after some minutes, put the enamel craft paint ( a paint that is specially made to decorate the glass) And leave them to try for a while. After this, take a baking sheet and put the cup glasses into the oven. Let it there for about 15 to 30 minutes. In 177c . after them put them out and leave them for a while, and decorative glass cup is ready to use.

Permanent Marker

Permanent markers can be a wonderful plus creative plus under the budget idea to decorate the glass cup. For this, we have to clean our glass; first, we can use alcohol for that and then draw the creation (we can write some good or cool quotes and making drawings like a butterfly or tattoo design etc.) with oil-based permanent markers. To dry it the same procedure, we take the above choices, put a baking sheet, put the glasses on the oven, and let it be processed to 30 minutes in 360F after then putting them out and leaving them for a while. Now it is ready to use.

Summing Up

Decoration makes things more attractive. Above, we discussed some ideas we can try to decorate the glass cups. Happy decoration!

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