Cast Glass Sculptures Making Techniques

Cast Glass Sculptures

One of the easiest things to mold is the plaster of Paris, but you cannot say the same in cast glass sculptures. It will take some time as well as specific techniques so that you can make it perfect. But first, you will have to get the prototype ready, and you have to seal any junctures. Otherwise, there will be extra space in the mold cavity, and the sculpture will not turn out to be good. First, you will have to create a plaster mold for glass casting, and then only you can create the glass structure.

Mold Making Process-Cast Glass Sculptures

If you want to make the mold, you have to use 50% hard plaster and 50% quartz. If you have to calculate the kind of plaster you need, measure the prototype’s walls and the width, depth, and height. There is a thumb rule for the measurement of the prototype. Always use the formula- (height*width*depth /2) * 0.64.

The result will be equivalent to the amount of water that you would need for the plaster mix. Now that you know how much water you need, you will have to calculate the quartz and plaster amount. To know the accurate measurements, you have to multiply the total water by two, and then you can get the total amount of things you have to invest in. Mix the plaster and quartz and do not put the entire water altogether. Instead, you can put the mix into the water slowly and mix it in a ventilated area.

Pouring It In

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Once the entire solution is ready, you have to start pouring it into the mold. The cavity will fill up and make sure there are no air bubbles. You will have to put more solutions in the corners and check whether it is leaking out or not. To prevent bubbles, you can use an Air compressor for some time. Then you have to rest it in till it hardens completely.

Everything About Glass Art

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Apart from cast glass sculptures, you can also go for a blown glass and cold glass art system. It is going to look beautiful when you get the final result. There are also some other techniques like architectural glass, slumped glass, and combined glass techniques. It is also easy to paint on the glass surfaces to give it a contemporary feel.

Cast Glass Sculptures Tips

Always remember that the mold should be perfect; otherwise, the end result will not turn out good

Eliminate any air bubbles that might be in the cast so that the final result is picture-perfect.

They should be no leakage in the molding; otherwise, the glass will drip off, and the shape will be irregular.


Cast glass sculptures are never going to be easy, but it will be perfect with practice. Start with small sculptures so that you can be a pro in the same. Gradually you will be ready enough to make large glass art, and then you can even paint them for decorative purposes.

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