Beginners Guide For Stained Glass Art Project

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If you are kid loves to do craft has an interest in designing then makes them try stained glass art projects. You may think that glass is not safe for kids, well do not worry; it is safe and fun to make. Initially, parents have to assist their children, but once they become experts, they can become famous artists. Just like other art forms, in this, all you need is creativity and practice. To keep your kids motivated, you can even hand their stained glass art, and one day, you can even flaunt your child’s talent. Everything starts with difficulty but always gives you the best results if you work hard. Therefore, read out this article, and you will get to know about beginners guide for a stained glass art project, which can help your children.

Material You Need For Stained Glass Art Project

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First of all, you need a breaker or grazer pliers and running pliers. Then it would be best if you had a glass cutter to cut the glass, make sure it is working—one or two pairs of sunglasses for your kid’s safety. Then take an ideal iron stand, which is suitable for your child according to their height. Then take a flux and flux brush. Take one copper foil, as you may need it, and one scythe stone.

At last, take one flux remover and a black patina. Now talking about the glass, there are three types of basic glass you may need. One is cathedral glass; make sure you can see through it, and then take one translucent and opal glass so that light can pass through it.

Cutting The Glass For Stained Glass Art Project

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First, you have to score the glass, which means putting light scratches on the surface of the glass. If the score on the glass looks like a hair and has no gaps and breaks in it, then you have made a perfect score on the glass. You have to cut the glass and hold the cutter like a pencil, but firmly to cut the glass. Push or pull the cutter to cut the glass accordingly if you have to cut the straight line or a pattern. Make sure you make one score, cut the glass, and then make another score so you do not confuse different scores.

Breaking The Glass For Stained Glass Art Project

You have to hold the glass with different techniques to break the glass; the first option is a two-fisted grip, in which you have to place your finger at the bottom of the glass. Put your thumbs on the surface and push the glass towards your fingers with your thumbs along the scoreline. The second technique is running pliers, in which you have a curved jaw which helps you break the long glass lines and curves easily.


Stained glass art involves various other steps as putting pattern, foiling, and framing, which you can research online. Ensure you use all safety measures and practice this every day until you do a special stained glass project.

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