Beautiful Zalto Denk Art Universal Glass

zalto denk art universal glass

The Zalto Denk Art Glass collection is a great choice to include in your stemware collection. Here is a detailed description of these glasses.


A table with wine glasses

Introducing a new generation of mouth-blown, lead-free and dishwasher-safe wine glasses, the ZALTO DENK`ART Collection, luxury stemware you could sense from your fingertips to the moment you take your first sip. (One (1) glass per order)


A banana sitting on top of a table

Dimensions: 9.4″ height,

Capacity: 18 ounces

Handling & Care of Zalto Glassware



A. Handmade in slovakia/european union is what is stamped on the bottom of the box.

Q. Hi there, are these ok to use for a range of wines? I.E if i get these, do i need to spend extra on a set of burgundy glasses. Or will these do? (I noticed Somm 3 use these to taste Pinot) thoughts?

A. I use them for many different types of wine. We thoroughly enjoy these glasses. They go in the dishwasher and come out crystal clear, and have never broken. The glass is very thin which enhances the tasting. We use them regularly in lieu of Burgundy glasses.

So, hurry up and buy your collection today!

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