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Franklin Art Glass is a local art glass store that sells artwork created by several local artists. If you love stained glass but are in search of a place where the art glass will sparkle and shine like a gem in your home, then you need to visit the home of Franklin Art Glass. A far cry from traditional old-world stained glass pieces, modern stained glass can take on many different forms-and Franklin Art Glass is the right place to see it. The store, which was founded in 1924 by the great-grandson of the original founder, Reuben S. Franklin, specializes in full customization and offers more than 1, 900 varieties and colors of glass. This store is also one of the few places you’ll find custom glass fusing at an affordable price.

The Home Of Franklin Art Glass

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Whether you’re looking for a grand space for your next wedding or just a place to enjoy some quality quiet reflection, the home of Franklin art glass will delight you. The store features two floors, a one-story balcony, and a second floor studio that are dedicated specifically to artists who create stained glass artwork. In addition to viewing the many examples of art glass in use at the store, you can also take advantage of a number of workshops offered by some of the local artists.

Follow The Winding Staircase

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To get to the second floor studio, simply follow the winding staircase that takes you up from the second floor landing. You’ll see a German Village at the top of the stairs, where visitors are welcome to stop and admire any pieces they like along the way. On this floor, you will see a number of tables and chairs where visitors can rest while enjoying the view of the second floor balcony. The second floor is particularly conducive to people who wish to start learning more about the techniques and tools that go into creating beautiful stained glass art.

Pay A Visit To The Restoration Shop

After touring the Franklin Art Glass Studio, it’s time to pay a visit to the restoration shop. The restoration shop works to make sure the items inside are as pristine as possible. This includes glassware, vases, dishes, crystal and porcelain items. Some of the most precious items may be too damaged to be repaired, but the restorer can make reproductions fit any budget. Many of the items may need to be re-plated in order to look good as new again.

Once you’ve made it back to the main floor of the church, there’s no place quite as good as the stained-glass windows. At the sanctuary, there are a handful of gorgeous windows that look as if they’ve been newly stained. These windows were created by the Rev. Thomas Coston, an English minister who was living in the German Village at the time. The windows were painted with his designs and he believed they would help him get closer to God. Today, the stained glass windows still stand, and they’re just as beautiful as they were back then.

Summing Up

Many people are aware of the state of Ohio and its rich history and culture. Many people visit Columbus for a holiday or business trip and wonder what’s being done with all of the amazing art glass in the area. Columbus offers visitors the chance to see another side of Ohio’s past. While you’re here, why not consider having your own glass custom stained glass creation created? Contact a Columbus stained glass studio for more information.

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