All You Need To Know About Art Glass Pendant Lighting

art glass pendant lighting

Lighting in your home is an important part. Among all the lighting suspended from the ceiling, pendant lighting and chandelier light are both essential lighting. When considering the design of a room, it is essential to choose a suspended lighting system. So we pit going to help you distinguish between the different bulbs.

What Is A Pendant Lighting

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A large chandelier is a ceiling fixture hanging by a rope, chain, or metal rod. Pendant lighting is becoming a standard option among designers through different typologies because it is less cumbersome and much more economical than chandeliers. Pendant lights are often used in one of two ways: in bands, hanging in a decorative set, or as a stand-alone light fixture that acts as the room’s focal point.

The Origin Of Design

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Well, first, we will introduce the beauty design ever by Chandelier. Its design arose through candles that float on candle holders with exquisite artistry and accompanied by themed decorations for seasonal occasions.

Electric Lighting Features

However, in the modern era, the Chandelier light contains electric lighting features with crystal and glass ornaments such as light amplifiers used to display light throughout a large room or similar settings. Its primary mounting method is suspended in the air under the ceiling using a junction box to bear the weight of the chandelier lamp. When talking about the materials they use, the chandelier lamp can be divided into crystal chandelier lamps and glass chandelier light. Besides, there is also a home use chandelier, and you can even DIY a glass chandelier.

Pendant Lamp

Next is the pendant lamp, close to the chandelier light! Designed with a single-piece light bulb, there are also some designs with multiple lights connected in a string or row. All of these arrangements are available to suit the taste and desires of the individual home decor!


Its installation method is similar to that of the Chandelier, which is suspended under the ceiling by using chains or electrical wires. Weight-wise, it is much lighter compared to the Chandelier Lamp. There are many pendant light designs to choose from, for example, the types that are designed with a spherical-shaped lid cover to get the comfortable feeling of the room that you might bring.

The Difference

Both the pendant lamp and Chandelier light are very different in terms of home decor settings. Why do we say this? It is due to the functionality of these two lighting options that they are distinguished. The chandelier lamp has a large build in terms of its construction, and its next design will be its crystals and other unique ornaments that scream elegance. Often the most convenient settings can be installed in the dining area or in the main hall, where guests will enjoy parties or gatherings. However, the pendant lamp is also modern and gorgeous in its designs.

Simple String Pendant

With simple string pendant lights installed in the dining area or living room, it can highlight the entire decorations of the environment. This home decor can mix and match according to the settings available in a variety of colors and designs. Alternatively, a pendant lamp can also provide a lighting solution in a confined area such as the dining table and room side skirts to emphasize the importance of the area.

In The End

With quality both products, the pendant and Chandelier lamp all can be installed with a dimmer to control the intensity of light for different occasions! All of these product features will help you identify the lighting solutions that best fit your décor in-home or similar environments.

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