All you need to know about a Glass Ornamental Ball called Baubles

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It’s Christmas. And everyone began to dress up their house. People start hanging different Christmas ornaments and decorations to decorate their home welcoming Christmas Eve. People enjoy collecting different types of ornaments and hangings including Christmas trees, Shaped glass ornaments, tinsels and garlands, etc. The most famous hangings are the Glass Ball Ornaments.  It is a beautiful ornament that is hung in the Christmas trees. This Christmas tree decor is called Baubles. They are available ready-made or even you can try making them with a theme too. You can reuse these baubles every year and they come in different shapes.

Facts About Baubles

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  • Baubles is a Christmas tree decor that is available ready-made for a cheap cost. Even some special glass balls are expensive.
  • Baubles are available in many shapes. It may be spherical, plain, colored, or may come in different shapes.
  • Baubles were first manufactured by Hans Greiner in Germany in the late 1840s.
  • Baubles were brought from Germany to Europe by Queen Victoria around the late 19th century.
  • It is made using plastic that makes it affordable. But glass Baubles are more famous.
  • The idea for designing Baubles came from a blown eggshell.
  • Initially, baubles were costly as it is made of glass and made as handcraft material.
  • America was the top manufacturer of baubles after the end of World War II.
  • The Czech Republic produces antique baubles that are expensive as they are made of high-quality glass materials and are rare.

DIY Ideas For Making Glass Ornament Balls

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It is not so easy to prepare your baubles to decorate your Christmas Eve. Learn these DIY tricks and enlighten your home with baubles.

Materials Required

  • Clear baubles
  • Fillings to pack inside the baubles – sequins, glitter, stars, or colorful sweets, etc.
  • Hole punch
  • Colour paper
  • Hairdryer


  • Open your bauble.
  • Choose any filling you want to be placed inside the bauble.
  • Fill half of the bauble using the fillings 
  • To avoid a messy look, fill only one side of the bauble. This will also be easy for you to close the bauble.
  • To get a colorful and beautiful look, place as many fillings as you can.
  • If you feel tough to fill, then place the fillings over the A4 sheet and funnel it into the bauble. This method is useful if you have minute sequins or glitter as fillings.
  • After filling, carefully close the bauble by attaching the second half of the bauble.
  • Close it tightly to avoid the fillings from falling.
  • Tie a ribbon to the baubles and allow it to hang.
  • Shake well so that fillings get mixed and look great.

Baubles Decoration Ideas

  • You can decorate the staircases using colorful and different baubles.
  • Paint your wine bottles glitter and make them into beautiful vases by hanging tiny baubles.
  • You can decorate your outdoors using a bauble wreath. It is the best festival door decor.
  • You can fill bright red baubles, pine cones, and green branches in an empty pot.
  • Hanging white and red baubles hanging from the windows gives an elegant look to your window. You can also try other color combinations.


Thus decorating your home with colorful baubles gives you pleasure and makes your festival evenings great and memorable.

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