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starworks glass

Star works is a brand of glasswork art designed by the star works for a group in Japan. It was started in the 1970s by Mr. Gen Adachi, who has been regarded as the father of modern stained glass artistry since his big hit worked for the UN headquarters in New York at that time which is known as “the tree of life”.

What kind of glass art is possible with Star works glasses?

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Star works glasses can be used in many different areas in glass art. First, the colors in their glasses will create a more brilliant and vivid color which you can’t get from normal colored glasses. Their new technology called Air Abrasive allows you to cut complex patterns quickly by using a personal computer which is called a CNC system.

Their glasses are compatible with this system and it makes their glasses special compared to other companies products. You can’t cut complex patterns quickly by using normal glassworking processes. They also claim that their glasses will produce less material waste and save your time as well.

What is the process of Star works glass?

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The process refers to the complete procedure of making a glass work by using star works glasses. It includes designing, drawing, layering, cutting, and processing.


The CAD system is used to draw the pattern on paper which shows how to place each color in accordance with the design. After the design is finished it will be cut by a water jet machine.


To create a drawing, the designer should consider all factors such as material, color, and design while designing glasswork. If it is possible he or she should go to the site where the glass art will be created and check the environment before starting to draw. It might have an influence on the end result, for example, lighting.


The drawing is made into a mask which will be used to place colors on glass panels one by one. This procedure is called layering. The color should not touch each other while being placed so that they are kept separate from each other until they are fused together at the end of the process. The layering machine which is attached to the water jet machine cuts and places colors on glass panels at once by using air pressure.


The cutting procedure uses a high-pressure water jet cutter, which is equipped with a computerized numerical control (CNC) automatic system. It can cut complicated patterns for glassworks quickly.


After layering, the color has to be fused together by being heated for a long time at high temperatures. It will be necessary not only to heat them up but also to cool them down slowly so that they don’t break easily. The cooling procedure is conducted in an air furnace or natural draft furnace. It is an important process because it can affect the final result of glass art which will be created.

What are the benefits of Star works glasses?

Star works group claims that its products are more productive, efficient, innovative, and economical. Their technologies contribute to global development in glass art. The following are some major benefits provided by their products.

-More productive:

Their glasses will produce a more brilliant and vivid color with less material waste. It will also save your time by cutting the process of layering to one quarter, which will reduce your cost as well.


Their machine is compatible with the CNC system. It allows you to cut complex patterns quickly by a personal computer.


They use an air abrasive system which is a ground-breaking technology in glass art. It has been introduced to the world market only by Star works for the group so far.


Their products are economical since they reduce your cost and time through their technologies.

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