7 Amazing Broken Glass Designs To Make Beautiful Decoration Piece

broken glass designs

Have you heard of the saying ‘broken but beautiful’? That’s what this article is about. You might not have thought that broken glass pieces would turn into beautiful broken glass designs. That will turn into a masterpiece for your living room. 

You can turn any broken glass into broken glass designs for stunning decor. There are many ways you can repurpose broken glass. Honestly, after reading this article, you will regret not knowing it before. And how many broken glasses you have thrown away just like that. 

No matter if it’s a china dish, jar glass, or glass window. You can repurpose it into beautiful broken glass designs. 

Beautiful Repurposing Broken Glass Designs

DIY Mosaics From Broken China

wall glass

This is a great idea to use all the broken pieces of the glass. You can form a mosaic that can be used to decorate anything that you want. Choose your design or completely freehand it – it’s your decision. 

DIY Mosaic Backsplash

wall glass

With the help of those old broken plates, you can create an incredible backsplash in the kitchen. It will take a lot of time but just imagine at the end of it, and the result will be worth it. You can try it anytime you want. 

Backyard Chandelier

You can use those broken plates for making a chandelier by using broken cup pieces also. These broken glass pieces also look like a wind chime which gives a beautiful look and sound to your backyard. 

Broken Glass Designs Into Birdbath

For getting a beautiful display of your garden, take a regular concrete birdbath and decorate it with chunks of broken glass. You can also use cracked CDs or DVDs to make it look more stunning. But using broken glass pieces is so easy; all you need to do is stick those pieces together with the help of glue, and you have your beautiful birdbath. 

Mosaic Memory Photo Frames

Use those broken pieces of glass to make a mosaic memory photo frame that you use to hang any of your favorite family photos. This photo frame gives some shabby classy look which looks so good to represent your favorite picture. 

Birdhouse From Broken Glass Designs

You can also try your hands out on the birdhouse made up of broken glass design. It looks so bright and colorful. Just stick those broken glass pieces to the birdhouse. 

Repurposed China Tabletop

Create a mosaic tile from the broken pieces of the glass and use them to make a tabletop. Use different or broken glass designs to make a beautiful tabletop. This will surely grab the attention of your guests. 


Indeed broken is beautiful. So now, when you know that you can make anything out of broken glass designs. You should not waste them by throwing them away. Just search for the best broken glass designs you can make out of it.

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