5 Classy Stain Glass Window Designs To Make Your House Look Elegant

stain glass windows designs

Having fantastic stained glass window designs can make your house look amazing. The colors of the windows also play a significant role in determining the interior look of your house. You should choose wisely cold colors to make the atmosphere within your home calm. Using different colors is the most realistic, quickest, and easiest way of developing a good interior. Each tone of color leaves a substantial effect on our mood, interlinks with our mind, and always has a specific meaning. Cool colors can bring the feeling of quietness, relaxation, peace, and calmness within the atmosphere. Stain glass windows are also available in a transparent look, but you can also have a colorful look. Such stain glass window designs can make your home decor look unique, and they also filter the light entering through large doors and windows. Stain glass window designs can add a touch of elegance to any house. Here are some unique stain glass window designs to make your home look classy.

Make Use Of These Amazing Stain Glass Window Designs

A view of a clock tower lit up at night


A lit up city at night

Mackintosh, one of the famous stained glass window designs, was created by a great artisan Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Simple geometric designs and bright floral patterns make this window design look beautiful. This colorful and bold design characterized by highly symmetrical patterns is a perfect choice for contemporary art lovers.

Celtic Knots

Stain glass with clear glass or bevel clusters in Celtic knots’ shape is alluring and unique in its simplicity. They will surely attract all guests arriving at your house and will make your impression classy.

Prairie Style

Prairie Style of Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired stained glass is a widespread and popular choice for bungalows and craftsman homes. Subtle patterns and earth-tone make this style look amazing in entryways, cabinets, and more. It also features rows of windows, long flat roofs, organic practices, and horizontal lines.

Art Nouveau

You will surely love this colorful and bold stain glass window design. Nature-themed imagery, floral patterns, and curved lines will give your window a gorgeous and distinct appearance. It is uring, trendy, and one of the most versatile styles perfect for your house.


Mission stain glass is a perfect choice for bathroom windows, sidelights, kitchens, and transoms. Its highly symmetrical patterns, thick leaded lines make it look stunning. You can decide every little thing yourself, from the imagery to the color of the glass. This noticeable stain glass window design is trendy these days, and you must look at its customized features.


All these classy stain glass window designs will make your house look beautiful and graceful. After some time, you will surely be thankful for these elegant Stain glass window designs.

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